Cruglez Sternmann Art Contest 2020


"Anak at si inay" by William Dorado

  Title:Anak at si inay

Medium: Acrylic on Board

Size: 17 x 27 inches

Art Description: Thats called in philippines meaning inay mother and anak is called children mother how to care thier children.

William T.Dorado 44 years old filipino.present living in pampanga philippines and graduated in angeles arts and trade ìn basic architechture secondary drafting .in 1992.

Basic computer programmer in 1993 my  educational attainment .work experiences: 1994 im junior artist in jcg the year  1996 t0 1998 headpainter and painter designers at magnolia processing plant here in philippines.1999 to 2003 i decided to join in arts organization in holy angel university to have a position as abstract artist councilor. In 2002.

In the year 2004 im an artist designer in al rawnash decor kingdom of saudi arabia thats 2004 and the end of year in 2009. Im joining in other various arts contest.2 times young painters annual. GSIS national painting contest.feedmix painting competitions  and im presently artist member in gamat kapampangan art group herecin philippines...

Works of Arts

Work of Art , Cancer Center, Froedtert Hospital , WI


This piece was donated to Froedtert Hospital in 2017. Medium: acrylic, watercolor, charcoal , enamel, glitter and china ink over canvas. Size: 7 feet x 5 feet.

Location: Cancer Center, Froedtert Hospital, Wisconsin.

Kathy's House, Wauwatosa, Wi


Artwork donated to the Guesthouse of Cancer Patients of Froedtert Hospital, Wisconsin