Cruglez Sternmann Art Contest 2019


"Tigger" , Rebecca Turner

Country: USA

Title of Piece: Tigger

medium: Wire

year: 2018

Size: 2" x 1.5"

     Rebecca is fortunate to be living her dream with her son, Dominic, near the town of Tacoma, Washington. She spends her time homeschooling, helping her son explore his creativity, exploring the outdoors, creating art and operating her businesses. 

     Rebecca was born in the Pacific Northwest. At a very young age she had access to a sewing machine. It was at that time she had attempted to create her first clothing article. She had continued to watch and learn new techinques such as crocheting, cooking. Throughout her teenage years she was given an opportunity through school to explore other art mediums, from charcoal drawings, carvings, sculptures and paintings.  Immediately after schooling given the experience to share her life with a spectacular pet. She became inspired of the connection, care, and companionship this relationship had given her.  She started creating pieces to share this bond between human and companion animals. She continues to find inspiration through exploring new unique and creative mediums and styles. You can explore all of her unique creations on her facebook page

Works of Arts

Work of Art , Cancer Center, Froedtert Hospital , WI


This piece was donated to Froedtert Hospital in 2017. Medium: acrylic, watercolor, charcoal , enamel, glitter and china ink over canvas. Size: 7 feet x 5 feet.

Location: Cancer Center, Froedtert Hospital, Wisconsin.

Kathy's House, Wauwatosa, Wi


Artwork donated to the Guesthouse of Cancer Patients of Froedtert Hospital, Wisconsin