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Cultural Projects


I always search and fascinate me collaborate in cultural approach with thematic attractive like this that is the more recent project in that I could participate. The project name was: The secret room of Goddess Iside and the Visionary Contemporary Art Show in the Palazzo Castromediano in Lecce, Italy , curated for Dores Sacguegna and Primo Piano Living Gallery in Lecce, Italy.

     In first instance , attract me to participate because the Goddess Iside always was represented in the pictographs with a hieroglyph in her head, daughter of the God of the Sun and named like the Mother's God that can always open her wings to fly until the sun, I felt empathy to this female figure of Egypt, because I could see me in her for a moment.

Public Art



This Public Art Project consisted on a well planned installation of mirrors through all the city of Tlalplan, Mexico and was selected for the Public Museum of Contemporary Art in Tlalplan, Mexico for the inauguration of the Museum in 2006.The name of this Public Art was : " I am, I and my circumnstances" (quotation of Ortega y Gasset) for explore the concept of the self identity and how this is created thanks with the help of the social, economic and cultural context where the individual lives. But fascinatingly for me, the question will always remain open who I really am?



Right now Im represented by Art Fusion Gallery in Miami, Florida.

The Gallery give me the opportunity of show my art to more differents kinds of people and I appreciate very much this great opportunity that my art have in this moment, thanks to William Braemer.

Signature Clothing & Wood Wall Art


 Dear friends,

I'm thrilled to share with you my latest collection on VIDA!
This collection represents some of my best artwork from over the years and is very authentic to who I am as an artist. I'm really proud today to share this work with you.

I'm really excited to collaborate with VIDA for this collection. VIDA is a new kind of fashion ecommerce company that connects artists like me all over the world with producers to bring our work to life. For every product sold, VIDA hopes to provide the gift of literacy to the makers they work with.
Below are some of my favorite items from this collection.

Deerfield Public Art Program, Illinois: "Splash"


Title: Splash

Medium: Alcohol Ink over canvas

Size: 30" x 40"

Year: 2017

   The Deerfield Fine Arts Commission selected this piece named "Splash" to be included in this year's program ( september 2017- september 2018).

    Display Location: Deerfield Village Hall, Illinois, Location indentified as: "The Premises".

Collaborative Canvas with Cancer Patients, Froedtert Hospital


A form of give hope, inspiration and a little of joy to the Cancer Patients is through the   Aesthetic Expression of the Arts. In this occassion Cruglez Stermann prepared the canvas for that the patients could play with alcohol ink over a canvas for first time and collaborate with Rosa Cruglez for create as a same body this piece of art of 7 feet x 5 feet.